My bad luck with airlines….

Need I say more??? I take this opportunity to continue from where I left off…

A trip to India was not on the cards until we realised that it would be a big hassle for mr. R to enter the UAE twice in a span of one month… On a visit visa…. All I can say is…’friggin India passport holders…our bad luck’.

In light of the above.. We decided a quick trip to Bombay was in order… Unfortunately I couldn’t get a seat on the same flight as him.. Rather there were seats available but I could’ve got a ticket to the US with that fare.. Talk about emirates being expensive….

Result- I ventured to undertake my first flight in ten years.. With air India! Ice only flown them once… From the US to Bombay and they were good then… I thought I got a steal for the pricei paid for this flight to Mumbai… But ‘a steal’ it sure was…. Stole my time!

Let’s start with ‘what happens when air India flies two flights originating from dubai n heading to the same destination within a span of six hours?’ The first flight is apparently cancelled via notification by SMS which was received only by some passengers… How did I know??? Well for starters I was on the later flight…but mainly cuz a friend and her family were on the earlier flight.. We were well warned though… Cuz this was apparently a regular feature with the airline.. But their excuse was a technical error due to which the flight at half five was postponed.

I hadn’t even left the house when the emirates flight from NYC landed and mr r called me.. A fifteen minute drive later…I wAs we’ll on my way to check in my bags whilst waiting in a long long line… Anyone who has departed from both- terminal one and terminal three at dubai international airport, will agree that terminal three is extremely hassle free. At terminal one you first stand in one line and have your bags screened, and then head to check in. This does not happen at terminal three where the bags are automatically screened due to the advancement of technology.

It was here that I faced my first queue, after which another long long queue to check in. A man and his granddaughter kept up a happy banter with the check in clerk and wasted my precious time while my husband was walking towards me from terminal three…. And then another obstacle… I was five kgs I weight and the rude guy refused to let the weir go by… Luckily for me I had five kgs of cheese and chocolates…( that’s what happens when u go back after a year… Buy stuff for everyone)….and I opened my bags on the conveyor belt, removed the stuff dumped it in a plastic bag ( yes I was all armed for this scenario…knowing I’d give it to mr r when I met him) .. I hate carrying heavy carry ons on flight cuz I believe I need to manage myself first and then the bags…

I rushed.. Like a mad woman’s toward immigration, and passed security, walkin quickly on the travelator just so I could see him… I reached duty free- the only place where terminals one and three meet indoors after immigration n ran into his arms… I had never felt happier than when I was with him.. Until he lovingly asked me ‘why are there tears in your eye? No one is dead!’ Gawd.. Men are so predictable… Don’t they ever understand happy tears?

We started the long walk back to terminal three from where he was to take his connecting flight to Bombay…. I walked halfway and we realised he had five minutes and had to rush… Me… I walked back to my gate, ( our flights were an hour apart), exchanged currency and sat down at Paul’s for a bite to eat… Having realised I hadn’t eaten for t he past twelve hours, since breakfast…

And this should be the end of my post, shouldn’t it??? But oh well… The climax is yet to come… Soon after I was joined by a friend and her folks and we whiled away time, until it was eleven forty five and time to take off.. I went to the individual manning the gate,only to be told that our flight was delayed by twenty to thirty minutes at the max… Oh well, not a big deal, I knew mr R would wait for that half hour… Bt time went by, they asked us to board and by one am we had boarded and the flight still hadn’t taken off… I sent an SMS to mr R asking him to please go home and that I would take a cab… And can u believe it… He reached India while I was still in dubai and hadn’t taken off… Sitting on the concourse… Thankfully I had friends on board, but I pity my friend’s little toddler who had to endure it all and was wide awake…

Finally took off at two am, everyone in a bad mood, the food was utter crap but were hungry and they also offered us seconds when we asked for it! But really… Sometimes this airline can be extremely laid back..

Almost three hours late and my dear hubby comeback to the airport to pick me up… O really couldn’t have asked for more..poor thing was jet lagged and we spent almost all day at home…but me… I don’t think I am ever gonna travel air India again….

(Have been writing this post on my way back to dubai, in the air India flight that was delayed… And yeah… After one bottle of white wine, they have run out of it) THIS HAPPENS ONLY IN INDIA….. Oh and before I forget to mention… It took all of a twenty minute bus ride to get to this aircraft which was at the domestic terminal…. I do not even want to think… How many kilometres….



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