Where Juvenile’s are not held guilty- India

A little more than a month ago, a young medical student in India was raped, and succumbed to her injuries o December 29th 2012, after apparently having been flown to Singapore… The questions still remains….was she really flown there or was it just an eye wash by the Government to keep the mob off their backs.

This incident not only created a huge hue and cry, but made Indian nationals like me (living outof the country) realise how blessed we are- any affinity to India will gladly be broken now…… That’s how mad I am… Eve teasing which is common all over- has now taken a new turn- and the Indian Government sits silent- doing nothing and acting like a first grader…

Why you ask me?? Here is why…….

The 23 year old victim raped by 6 men… Today the court proved 5 of them guilty- and yet we ask- what about the 6th guy? Well- in a country where documents are easily forged, he is declared a juvenile-17 years of age-  in accordance with his school documents-

I put this question out to the bench- OH REALLY?? SCHOOL DOCUMENTS?? I can tell you of a number of people I know in the metropolitan city of Bombay who have forged school documents years ago- so you the Honorable Judges actually trust documents provided by this RAPIST stating that he is a year- just one year short of not being pronounced guilty as he can take shelter of being a juvenile? If this is the case- I pray that juvenile delinquency not be available to the Indian masses- you commit a crime you pay for it- whether you are 7 or 70 years of age.

And the Indian media has beautifully twisted things around by stating that the victims family are pleased with the court’s verdict- but we as Indians- as citizens of this country- as the human race and believers of human rights cannot keep quiet- I’m ashamed that this is the country I studied in to become a lawyer- I’m ashamed that India- a country that’s more than just a developing one- doesn’t understand the mangnitude of someone being gang raped in the horrible manner this poor girl was…..

What if it were one of the judges’ daughters or grand daughters- would the apparent 17 year old still be kept at a juvenile home or would all 6 of them be stoned and tortured to death??


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