My discovery of a new world- the world of books!

Going back into time… and trying to remember the first book you ever read is no mean feat… Some books leave a mark and we remember them for life… while some we just don’t care about…

My 5th birthday was soon approaching, when my aunt got me the ‘Ninth Bedtime Stories’ by Enid Blyton… and thus started my love affair with ‘books’. I still remember the lavender paperback version I had. I’ve now got so nostalgic-l Looking online for an image of the cover. I must have struggled at the age of 5, to read the entire book, but I did read it.. and soon went on to complete the whole series.. Then started the “Faraway tree” oh how i was transported into a magic kingdom, and wished I could find a place just like that, then came the secret seven and the famous five… I loved the ‘famous five’. My mum preferred the ‘Five Find-Outers’ cuz it was ‘The Mystery Of The Burnt Cottage’ that she first read as a kid.. I commend her- for being able to remember that tit -bit of information..

‘Malory Towers’ and Alicia and Darrel made me want to go to a boarding school, so also the ‘Twins at St Clares’. I always wondered what boarding school life would be like- would it be as much fun as Enid Blyton made out to be? ‘Five Find Outers’ and ‘The Adventurous Four’ are series that enthralled me… Unfortunately I discovered Noddy at a later stage, and by then he didn’t interest me…

I soon read every book she had ever written, including the new famous five series- I remember the editor was ‘Anthea Bell’ – remember for obvious reasons:p

On graduating from Enid Blytons, I went on to read Nancy Drew and then the Hardy Boys, then came the duos with both of them together… Before I was in high school I started  on Sweet Valley High and Sweet Valley University… Oh I even read the Sweet Valley Sagas! I wonder what ever became of them!
I did go on to reading books by Sidney Sheldon and Danielle Steels and then discovered my all time favourite Mary Higgins Clarke. For those of you who havent heard of her- I recommed her books. And ‘Tell me your dreams by Sidney Sheldon and All Around The Town by Mary Higgins, developed in me a curiousty for MPD. For those of you who find this chick lit- well… there is a lot you can learn from such books .. ‘

Today I can’t sleep if I don’t have a book.. however tired I am– those 5 minutes before bed, and transporting myself into a fictitious world, gets rid of any worries I may have….. Reading keeps me sane- How else would I be able to undertake those long flights and explore my passion for travel?? I read- I dream- I travel to places I read about- Hence…. reading and travel- my two passions along with the law- go hand in hand!

You will never find me without a book- ever! If you do- check my phone or ipad- there will be a couple downloaded in there! :p

I thank my mum and aunt for imbibing in me a love for reading… without my books, I’d be incomplete..

I’d love to hear from you… what was the first book you ever read?



  1. Books are a portal to another dimension, people always say that the book is better than the movie because when you read you are the director, and there’s nothing better than your own imagination.
    My first book was the Lake House by James Patterson, it was the first taste of what became an addiction, and eventually, a career.


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