The Heart Aches

It’s difficult when you know you may lose someone you love- you go back to all the times you could have spent with them…….to wishing you could have been there…or at least been in  the same country…

I stayed up tonight to make a few calls to the US, and just got off the phone with someone very dear to me. My heart ached as I heard him on the phone.

During my semester in Buffalo, a beautiful couple was assigned to me- as my ‘international parents’. Unfortunately this was the week before I left and I almost didn’t meet them- as luck would have, it I met them the day before I was supposed to leave- and today when I look back I thank the Lord for bringing them into my life.

I didn’t return to the US for the next 8 years, but we kept in touch- every day at first, which then dwindled to every other week and finally to once in a while… I’m so grateful I got to see them when I went down in 2010- I didn’t get to spend as much time as I liked- just a quick airport visit but I am so grateful… I love these guys…

And now this wonderful man is ill- in a hospice but is hanging on…A wonderful man- fought in Vietnam, who later made a big difference to the community- to the people around him- a man who laughed and made everybody oh so happy! I still remember the days of yore- video chatting with him and his wife- what wonderful people they are..

Somehow I know the Lord will be there……… nothing is impossible with God and that’s all that comes to my lips each time i pray for him- I’m sure it has some meaning.. I wish I was going back sooner- I’m going in June and I will see him then- and despite what doctors have to say- the spiritual realm is what matters…

This man is so ill and still tells me that he is praying for me- still asking about my folks and me- saying that he is praying for me………….this is so unfair- who says this? Only someone good- someone who’s heart is clean, pure and so not self centered. I was almost in tears as I hung up… Our problems and issues in life are so small- just a speck, while people like this man are fighting for their life- fighting to stay strong…. and praying for a miracle.

So everybody reading this post- please please keep him in prayer. I’m so grateful for that snowy day in Buffalo in January 2011 when I introduced my husband to them.. And I pray knowing that all things are possible to him who believes…


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