Hotel Petra Moon

We never did get a reservation at the Move n Pick and hence settled in for our next best option- the Petra Moon.

Nestled behind the Move n Pick, it definitely is worth a shot! The staff are attentive and out to please you- and it is not very expensive either. Plus they had onsite parking, and we could see our car from our room! No balcony though.

I had seen pictures on tripadvisor and hence was prepared for what it looked like!


A small room, I prefer subtle colors, which would’ve made the room look bigger.

IMG_9677A tiny TV and dressing area right in front of the bed. We literally had to jump over stuff- was pretty small- then again we got our money’s worth!

Though I must say, I certainly was displeased with the bathroom- the color combination was not for me.

IMG_9678Look the granite walls can be pseudo mirrors- couldn’t they have designed it with a lighter shade of granite?


When I went in for a shower, the shower came off in my hand- and that’s when I was like- oh no- we should’ve stayed in a starred hotel on the outskirts of Wadi Musa. On leaving the room for a walk in town, we in formed the reception about the shower, and it was fixed by the time we were back.

All said and done- it was worth the money, and a 5 minute walk away from the entrance to the site. It’s a muslim hotel and they do not serve alcohol- but I did read reviews stating that you could bring your own booze to the terrace restaurant- which is a good option!


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