An evening on the streets of Wadi Musa (or Petra as you may know it)!

Well yes, I did upload posts from my blackberry while in Jordan… Reading that along with the pics I am about to put up in my next post, will give you a fair idea about Petra…..

Looking back now, I am amazed at the amount we did on that first day! We drove from Amman to Mount Nebo and then took the scenic route to Petra- rather Wadi Musa. And after checking in to the hotel and taking a shower, we were out on the streets again.. Tell me to do it once more- and I probably will not!

Before I tell you more, let me first put to rest the confusion between Petra and Wadi Musa. Petra (the ‘Site’) is located in the town of Wadi Musa. All the hotels are located here, most of them fairly close to the main entrance of Petra. Musa literally means Moses, and correct me if I am wrong, but a correct translation would be the ‘Valley of Moses’, and Aaron (Moses’ brother) was buried nearby.

Anyway, it was 8 pm and the sun had not completely set yet- a good excuse to get out, lest Mr. R decided to go watch football in the restaurant upstairs!

IMG_9681                                                             IMG_9684                            The view, as we got out of our hotel and walked….

We walked down the main road of town looking for a wine shop- but surprise surprise we couldn’t even find one! Walked into a couple of stores without buying anything, spoke to a few people who told us that we could either go to Move n Pick, or to the Guesthouse(Crowne Plaza), as no other places served alcohol (or if they did, they didn’t show the game- and our whole Jordan trip was conditional that I let him watch football). After a tiring day, all we wanted was to put our feet up, relax, sip on a beer and watch the game.

IMG_9685                                                      The Main Street………

A young guy came up to us, telling us he would take us out dancing. Suspicious that I am, I tried ignoring him – I am not a friendly sort- though all my friends say I am and that I can talk to anybody- I however beg to differ…… I’m wary of people who suddenly appear out of nowhere and make weird conversation… What is weird is my discretion and no one elses!

We decided it was best we go to the Cave bar at the guesthouse. I had read so much about it and also that it was pricey, but everyone said I should give it a try- and so we did. Situated in a real cave, they have tried to retain the original charm and structure. Just a bar here with couches and chairs thrown in and TV screens of course… But other than that, one has to get out of the cave for the kitchens or the washrooms.

I’ve elaborated on our experience at this bar, in my previous posts from Jordan, but here are the pics!

The outdoor area  at the Cave Bar
The outdoor area at the Cave Bar
Inside the Cave!
Inside the Cave!
Note, how they have tried to retain the original structure
Note, how they have tried to retain the original structure
Patrons watching the game intently
Patrons watching the game intently

Pretty unique with a nice feel, but not worth the money…  The place however was buzzing with activity!

Just outside the bar- love the lights
The Guesthouse
The Guesthouse- pretty isn’t it?

And then we decided to take my happy high self, back to the hotel to prepare for a full and tiring next day– yes I was prepared- at least I hoped I was!!!

Say goodnight!
Say goodnight!- our walk back to our hotel

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