Laughter Riot!!

You are not really a New Yorker until you have been to a meet up… Oh well let’s just say it is one of those things that define the city!

A friend has been inviting me to comedy night, for a while now. Somehow I was far too lazy to actually move my butt and go!

But this time, it is summer and she coerced me to come.. All I had to do was join meet up and sign up for free comedy at ‘Caroline’s on Broadway’!

And I tell you…. What a beautiful night of fun, laughter and new people!

23rd July 2014- It was ‘Ladies Night with Robyn Schall’ the comedienne who was in fact named one of’s Top 5 standout comics in NY!


It was her brother who in fact hosted the meetup where he had passes for only up to 10 guests, which was a good thing! The place was packed with people!

On being seated, the smart and funny Leah Bonnema took the stage as the host for the evening!

The line up included Rachel Feinstein, Chloe Hilliard, Anne Phillips and Kate Wolf. Most of them were real funny, but kudos to Anne Phillips…. Loved her act!

Robyn was there with her hilarious anecdote of a date gone wrong, but Leah was the funniest if not a little brazen- then again it’s comedy….

Oh and did I forget to mention meet up got us 2 drinks on the house, with glasses that were ours to keep… Fun Fun Fun!

For those of you who don’t know of her- please check out Super funny actress, comedian and performer!!


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