The 15 Mile Journey!!

A lazy Sunday soon turned into a restless one, where all I wanted to do was just get out of the house! I wanted to watch a movie – and not just any one, but ‘The Hundred Foot Journey’!

Now this movie was only playing at select cinemas and unfortunately the one across the road was not showing it.

We this made the ’15 mile journey’ to Teaneck, a township in Bergen County,NJ!

The cinema was located on Cedar Lane, one of the four main shopping areas.. A quaint tiny cinema which you could almost miss awaited us! The smiling staff more than made up for this… Not to mention low ticket prices..

With three quarters of an hour to go, we decided to forage for food, furiously looking up yelp and google maps and not finding anything to our liking and tight time frame… That’s when we chanced upon ‘Taipei Noodle House’ a tiny family run establishment.

The dim interior with carpeted flooring was dull but inviting. It’s not posh but you may just be able to deal with the spartan interiors once u eat. And it’s clean- that’s more important than plush interiors! Their tableware was cute and I’m sure little girls would love to hold tea parties with matching China!

On being seated we were presented with the menu and a pot of tea.. Good bet as it was a little chilly outside. The husband settled for the Japanese Noodle Soup while I stuck to chicken in a hot garlic sauce, with steamed rice, all the time making faces at DH for his choice!

The food was on our table in seven minutes (yes I timed it) and my entree was as good as I knew it would be… But the beauty of the meal was his soup, with thick rice noodles, broth bursting forth with flavours of chicken and succulent pieces of chicken… And I- I was sold!!


We headed out ,five doors down to watch the movie which I think needed to be subtitled in places as we were 4 people in the cinema who understood the language when it wasn’t english.. All in all a perfect movie after a wonderful meal!!

And might I add- I absolutely loved the town though I couldn’t live there!


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