Bombay Fun!!!

So I haven’t been home for this long, in the last 7 years. 2.5 months just flew past… With fun, laughter, friends n family!

One of the first few people I met.. This wonderful friend from high school… Our fun times were filled with laughter, food and philosophy…

These 2 girls have been my closest friends.. We have hung out together, prayed together, held each other’s hands in pain sorrow n happiness…

Look who came to see me from Dubai… ❤️❤️❤️

Pedi -so totally worth it- and for a fraction of the cost!

Midnight birthday surprise!!

This beautiful friend Rita.. Her love for people n The Lord … Something I have yet to see in another human being!

The entire family getting together to celebrate our ‘nana’!

A fun trip to my cousin in Pune …n her beautiful princess Tiana!

Met a friend after years! Was lovely!

And come what may… A trip to Bombay is never complete until he comes down from China!!! From drunken nights to succulent food… To heartfelt conversations and heated arguments… Everyone needs such a friend!

Look I’ve never missed voting since I turned 18.. A feat given that I don’t live in the country!!

Easter Lovin!!!

Even attended an event hosted by my very own Urbaneye at Jean-Claude Biguine! And look who’s come from Dubai!!!

The years flew by all too quick… Hooked up with her for a number of girl dates…. Almost 15 years later… 16 all over again… Boy am I glad!!

A night out with one of my besties from childhood!!

The world’s best hair stylist… In d comfort of my own room…

And it was then time to fly to New York! What a perfect end to my trip!

Mr. Urbaneye n me at d airport!!! He was flying to Singapore and I was on my way to nyc with mum!!

What a wonderful memoir of my trip!!! I love the fact that I’m posting it!

Stay safe my lovelies! God bless!



  1. Thanks for stopping by my site. If the current vote brings me to India, where would you recommend I go that would be safe for a woman traveling alone. Big city, small village, historical, environmental – where would you recommend?


    1. Well it depends on what interests u… Bombay (Mumbai) and Goa are safe cities for a woman to b traveling alone. Historically Rajasthan is a must do it is beautiful while The south of India is gorgeous n everyone speaks English… Are you looking for history? To chill out? Get a feel of the country?


      1. I like to get a feel of the country and tell others about it. Maybe do some unique things. I tend to write about the people I meet as that’s what travel is about for me.


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