The Canadian Diaries 2014- day 1

Or rather night 1!!!

On Wednesday night, We were going to set foot on Canadian soil after a little more than 3 years! I, as usual am never packed up until the last minute and even waited for DH to get home from work- wrong decision…

By the time he was back I was so tired from cookin (for my (to my eyes – little) brother), and from TRYING to pack. I don’t see why DH doesn’t get it by now- almost 7 years of marriage and numerous trips later I still won’t pack n he still expects me to. When I do it’s disastrous.

Uber was a blessing and I used up my free first ride to take us to Newark airport only to realize that our flight was delayed by 20 minutes- no problem- we nursed a beer and shared a burrito bowl whilst waiting for our flight. By then I was ill n just wanted to be on our way.

Air Canada Express- pleasantly surprised. Lots of legroom and a USB port to charge my ever draining iPhone- might I add, I always find a half full flight extremely gratifying… And yes I admit I’m one of those who keep their cell phones on all along.



Touchdown YYZ- immigration was a breeze through and we met with my aunt and cousin who insisted on coming to pick us up. A 15 minute ride and we reached- the joys of driving right up to your porch- something I have yet to get the hang of!

Having said that, we sat having dinner in her kitchen, and headed up to bed! I love her red room… And the jacuzzi in her bathroom… Since DH couldn’t keep his eyes open any longer, we were off to bed almost immediately, with him stating that he was gonna stay in bed and watch tv for the next 5 days- me??? I knew I was already dreading staying indoors…


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