Apple-ating my turn!!!

Midtown Manhattan at the Apple store… with an iPhone 5- going on 2 years this December. As expected my battery is at its wits end- the good news being- my phone qualifies for a free battery replacement! Woohoo!

Taking an appointment and then being told there is a 30 minute delay was enough to get me to want to walk out.. But DH is a darling man.. a man with abundant patience. Moreover after a night of fun… I managed to drop my iPhone bang outside a bar midtown 2 nights ago- thus cracking my screen.

I am not going to spend 129 USD to replace my screen- anyone has better options? Amazon show deals from 6-60 USD and I am a little confused… The wait is getting to me- but oh well!

DH just got back from the washroom, having found a new 128 gb iPhone in its box-in the washroom and returned it to the staff. Resulted in us getting invited to a bar for drinks- will we go? Blah- not if I have to wait much longer…

Oh and did I mention, the spiral stairs to the lower level of the store where the genius bar is located- gets me giddy each time I am here- and I don’t even duffer from vertigo… but eew….

I appeal to the Apple Store- kindly don’t keep me waiting much longer- Im hungry and chinatown dumplings are calling out to me!!


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