Apple Update

Thank you for your messages regarding the iPhone…

Well, after waiting for what seemed like eternity, a member of the Genius Bar finally attended to us, and informed me that my screen would need to be fixed if I wanted the free battery replacement. Turning cartwheels in my mind, I asked him if I could get the screen repaired outside or by myself, thus saving me 140 USD.

Unfortunately, it is Apple’s policy that they refuse to touch the phone, once it has been handled by a third party. There went all my thoughts… and I surrendered my phone to a screen change and battery replacement.

The half hour that it was supposed to be repaired and land up in my hands turned well into over an hour, before a member of staff came back to me with- wait for it- a brand new iPhone 5! Apparently, once they changed the screen, the phone wasn’t calibrating, and hence was rendered useless! So Yippee for me! I got a brand new iPhone for the price of a screen…

It is truly said- You do good you get good- rather goodness begets goodness. DH returning the old gentleman’s iPhone 6plus resulted me in getting a new phone… Am I using it though? No- No way… Im still considering whether I should sell the new phone, while using my brother’s old phone for the time being! You see- I’m as confused as ever- Will I be able to use an iPhone 6 plus? I really want it- but are my hands too small for it? Ms. Butterfingers!!!


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