Cantine Parisienne

After having not so great experiences with Groupon in Dubai, hunger got the better of me, and with great trepidation I hit the confirm tab on my screen, and bought a Groupon for this little French restaurant, tucked into a corner of Chinatown (or Bowery if you prefer that), at the intersection of Elizabeth and Kenmore streets.

The Groupon a mere (yes I said mere- by Manhattan standards) 29 bucks, entitled us to 2 glasses of wine and 2 entrees. DH ordered a steak for an extra 9 bucks and I must say it was a decent bet.

I personally love French food (am also partial to the fact that their bread beats all else), I usually don’t feel guilty and of course my Parisienne love Urbaneye . If you aren’t following this blog you are missing something!

My ‘Demi- poulet a l’estragon’ – an Amish chicken roasted with tomatoes, tarragon juice, spinach and mashed potatoes, was a feast to my eyes and a party in my tummy. Try eating a bit of everything together, and the burst of flavors in your mouth is nothing short of nirvana!!!


DH and his medium rare filet mignon ( his usual standard fare) was succulent but nothing out of the ordinary.


The interior was chic and I must say the dim interiors and attentive staff make it a great date place- if only we were to stay longer and enjoy it!!!

On the downside- it beats me why they pre added the gratuity to the bill (for a party of 2)- I’d have added 20 percent anyway.

Si je vais retourner ici??? Peut etre ou – Peut etre pas!!!


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