7 lessons in 7 years of Marriage!


After having been together for a little more than 13 years, and having completed 7 years of wedded life- I’ve now learned the following:

1) Men cook way better than women do! Yeah I never did get a complex.. Let him cook I say!!!

2) He will let me believe I hog the entire bed, when in reality I am lying on my side in one corner of the bed – Difficult to believe but yeah! We really should have ‘his’ side and ‘her’ side – or invest in one of those mattresses where I can probably make my side too soft for him to sleep on- issue being then I wont be able to sleep- so the problem still won’t be solved! Oh well- I’ll live with it!

3) I have begun to like football and Arsenal is now apparently THE Team!

4) Being diplomatic helps! No one needs to be like me- saying exactly what I feel! And so I type! Moreover I can actually be nice to people and really mean it- plus I don’t talk to every other person I meet:).

5) Praying/Worshipping/going to church together is the best thing ever. A few weeks ago I went to church by myself after years- and I missed him by my side. It’s so lovely to be synced in prayer with your partner.

6) Fights are so meaningless! Difference of opinion – now that could be addressed.

7) And mainly- I have learned something I never believed- You can actually love another individual more than yourself! Who would’ve thought I could be nice and selfless??



    1. Vidu seriously come home after mum goes back- to smell n look at the food while all of us including ur husband eat:) actually he can cook vegetarian indian fare:) so u dint gave to smell n look


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