The Anniversary Getaway

Almost a month ago, after much deliberation, we drove off to the Catskills on our anniversary weekend. I have a thing for hotel rooms, and truly believe that a room can make or break my stay. I’m not looking for the Plaza or the Atlantis, but I am looking for cleanliness, class and great service.

I have given up on the fact that hotels in America accessible to the common man will ever come close to those in the Middle East, (where you are always made to feel like the most important guest in the world:)

Having said that, it all started a few weeks before the anniversary when we were sitting in the Apple Store. (Read about it here We spent the wait, looking for a weekend getaway, and came across the Roxbury Motel nestled in the village of Roxbury- in the Catskills Mountains. When DH first showed me the site I wasn’t really taken up, but on reading further, we decided that this was a must-do.

A three (3) hour drive from Newport- Jersey City where we live, was what we aimed for and we made it! The motel’s site advises customers to follow their directions so that one won’t get lost- but we wanted to see the place, and honestly didn’t mind reaching a few minutes/hours later if the drive was nice. Good Decision! It was well worth the extra time, with breathtaking views.

So not good at clicking pictures from the car..
So not good at clicking pictures from the car..

The motel deserves its very own post, which is already all done and ready to be uploaded… So my lovelies- stay tuned!!!


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