Buffalo Lovin

Buffalo- the home of the world famous Niagara Falls, and the second most populous city in New York State (very obviously after NYC), has been on our to-do list for the past few years. No better excuse than to attend a close friend’s wedding.

We left home late Thursday afternoon, to reach Buffalo well in time for the wedding! Brilliant idea, with Waze directing us through various county roads, we managed to reach well before midnight.

Who goes to Buffalo and does not check out the wings at the Anchor Bar? That was our first stop, just as they were ready to put in their last order.. For those of you who are wondering- Buffalo is famous for its food too- In 2015, the National Geographic Society ranked Buffalo as third on their list of “The World’s Top Ten Food Cities”. That’s a feat in itself- It gave us the first Buffalo Wings, Loganberry (a drink) and beef on deck (a highly overrated sandwich- come home and I’ll make you the most amazing spiced roast beef ever)!

Buffalo has undergone drastic change in the last decade. New bridges, a construction boom with various housing projects in the pipeline, and various new industries in the market- have not only created job opportunities but have also increased the demographics in the area. All in all signs of an economic revival.

Clockwise from Top Left: i. Lafayette Square, ii. Chicken wings at the Anchor Bar, 111. A view of Downtown Buffalo, iv. Beef on weck at Charlie the Butchers’, v. The Buffalo Naval Museum.

The next day dawned bright and early. With the wedding in the evening, we had the whole day to ourselves, to take in the sights and sounds of this city. We first drove to UB (the State University of New York- at Buffalo)- to both the South Campus and the North Campus. It brought back so many memories, I took the husband  to almost every place I had been to. The corridors resonated with voices from the past, and I’m so glad I’m in touch with so many people from all those years ago.

The UB Campus - North and South
The UB Campus – North and South

We stopped in at ‘Charlie the Butchers’, for their famous beef on weck for lunch- oh well…. Let’s just say I loved the Loganberry!

With 2 hours to the wedding, we got dressed and walked across to the venue, while thanking our stars that we made the right choice with living in a hotel downtown and not going to AirBnB route! One up!

Loving the decor
Loving the wedding and the decor

The wedding as all weddings do- brought tears to my eyes, and the festivities continued into the night- the Photo Booth being the star of the wedding after the bridal couple of course!

Photo Booth fun!
Photo Booth fun with he Bride and Groom!


As we walked to our hotel at midnight, when Cinderella’s carriage turns to a pumpkin, I was in the same boat- tired and sleepy- but made it to bed right in time.

The next afternoon with its cloudy skies and forecast of rain, didn’t deter us from visiting the Niagara Falls. More on the trip and the entire day here.

The gorgeous Niagara Falls.
The gorgeous Niagara Falls. Clockwise from Top Left: i.Hello Canada from across the falls, ii.The view of passengers boarding the Maid of the Mist from the observation deck, iii. A little cave through the falls,and iv. The view of the observation deck from the boat itself.
Majestic is an understatement
Majestic is an understatement

The video up close from the Maid of the Mist is up on our Facebook Page- AntheasChronicles on Facebook. Come drop in a line and say hello to us there, I’d absolutely love it!

As we left Buffalo behind, the next say, I did feel like I was leaving a little part of me behind- something I didn’t expect- to fall in love with this city!.




  1. I’ve always though that the places I’ve visited and have good memories of my time there are the ones I’ll always love. And I love to keep adding to that list! I’ll definitely visit Buffalo and the Niagara Falls if I ever travel to the US.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I actually got attracted to your blog because of this buffalo posts! This is top place on my list right now to visit. Hopefully will do in a year or two. Thanks for showing the exact places I wanted to go.
    Btw Are you an alumbi of UB ?


      1. One more thing Anthea, Do they allow anyone to enter the UB campus whosoever wants to have a look around and see the University? :p
        I know it’s a stupid question but I would still like to know 🙂


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