Tis the Season…

The world is all agog with excitement for the upcoming holidays, and New York the Christmas capital of the world is decked out in all its glory! It’s not just the Rockefeller Centre or the Holiday Train Show, or the stores on 5th Ave… the Christmas spirit has enveloped everybody, so much so that it’s not just Manhattan alone, but all of the city, that elicits more than a dekko!

Known for its many Christmas displays and tree lighting ceremonies, the city’s homes are not to be left behind. Situated in the Bronx, right off Pelham Parkway is the famous Garabedian family house- affectionately known as the Christmas House, decorated in all its splendor and glory!

I did stop by to have a look and here are a few pictures I took. A video is up on the Facebook Page too.

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To be very honest this home with its many mannequins, dolls and not your typical holiday decor- sans lights didn’t appeal to me at first. Yes it is unique with a very different theme. The nativity scene was on the upper level of the home, while the lower ground level had various dolls ranging from disney characters, to princesses, Nicole Kidman Tom Cruise and even Michael Jackson.

So what makes this the Christmas house? It’s a holiday activity for people- the family has been doing this for the past 29 years, and the over the top house has been featured in almost every magazine and Christmas article.

On my part, I think it depicts different facets of our lives today. The upper level is how it was then, while the lower level is the things of this world which now take prime importance- parties, magic and fun!

Who really thinks about the North Pole, reindeer or even the fact that it is a season to commemorate the Lord’s birth into this physical realm so that he could die for us and wash away our sins?

Having said that, I leave you to ponder while I put up pictures of New York going all out this season, with its holiday lights, beautiful homes and awesome treats… on Instagram, and the Facebook page- so come hang out with me there 🙂


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