Christmas Sweets from the past!

If you’ve lived in India especially in Bombay, Goa or Mangalore, Christmas time is synonymous with Marzipans, Fudge, Christmas Cake and Milk Cream…. All in a riot of colors and a variety of shapes!

We didn’t plan on making any sweets this year, but a friend’s sister is visiting her and it was difficult to find anyplace to order them from. We decided to surprise her by making them (well it didn’t work- I had to open my mouth and tell her lest I eat it all up!!!)!

Now tht we are in the groove, we’re back to making lots of them!

It’s almost Christmas albeit a tad bit late- nevertheless feel free to get in touch for your orders in the US especially the tri state area:)

Milk Cream – 250 Grams – $15

Chocolate Walnut Fudge- 250 grams- $12

Marzipan – 250 grams – $15



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