Enchanting Newport RI !

The Saturday morning (12/12/15) after our anniversary- we opened our eyes and checked the weather! With highs reaching 16 C, it was perfect for our anniversary weekend.

The thought of a warm breeze and the bright sun shining down, propelled us out of bed and into the shower. We packed an overnight bag and off we headed in the direction of Newport RI- a historical town 3.5 hours away from NYC, which both of us have been longing to visit. So here we were- on our way to celebrate our anniversary weekend in this picturesque town.

Be Warned- I’ve managed to get some pretty good pictures, the setting sun, and the wonderful sky made for an easy task! Which means- get your cup of coffee, and sit back while I take you on a 5 minute tour of Newport RI.

And we're almost here!
And we’re almost here! Different views of the Bridge!

Founded in 1639, Newport Rhode Island with its mansions, beaches, the famous cliff walk, the ocean drive and the lovely town centre; held enormous surprises for us. Driving into Newport- we drove onto a bridge that looked just like the Verrazano Bridge into Staten island from Brooklyn NYC. This bridge commonly called the Newport Bridge connects the City of Newport and the Town of Jamestown, which in turn is connected to the mainland by the Jamestown Verrazano Bridge.

The beach though deserted made for some great pictures!
The beach though deserted made for some great pictures!

Heading straight for the First Beach or Easton’s beach with a gorgeous view of the famous cliff walk, we realized that it was getting chilly, grabbed light jackets and headed to the 3.5 mile cliff walk and the many mansions along the path. The mansions are beautiful on the outside- and rife with history on the inside. Cameras are not allowed and you need time to actually admire them. The cliff walk is marked and you can download an app and reach about each stop in detail- go make a fun day of it!

The pictures cannot to justice to the beauty of the Cliff Walk
The pictures cannot to justice to the beauty of the Cliff Walk

The walk done, the husband insisted on the Ocean Drive, which was a little too short, but beautiful. After that and the Brenton Point State Park, we really didn’t have time to check out the International Tennis Hall of Fame Museum. Had my brother been there- that’d be the first place we would’ve gone- even before the cliff walk.

Gorgeous views,and the Brent Point State Park
Gorgeous views,and the Brent Point State Park

4;30 pm and dusk was beginning to set in, as we headed for town, and walked its streets all lit up for the 45th Christmas in Newport- straight out of a postcard.

Christmas in the Air
Christmas in the Air

There’s little that can make you feel better than walking hand in hand with your loved one, taking in all the sights, sounds and smells of Christmas.

A meal fit for a king- o Queen:)
A meal fit for a king- or Queen:)

And then for the best part- for lovers of the Food Network and Diners Drive-Ins and Bars- you may recall an episode sometime ago at  Anthony’s Seafood and its unique food. Well we’ve had our eye on it for a while now, and headed to the diner style restaurant in Middletown, a few minutes away from the centre of Newport. The food- yes it was good, the New England chowder with too many potatoes, but other than that- no complaints.

Charming town
Charming Town

Newport though a summer destination, had a lot to offer us sans the many many tourists. It was still very crowded, one can only imagine how crowded it gets in warm weather! Oh and one has to mention the numerous Bed and Breakfasts in this town, ranging from small inns to fancy hotels- something that fits every budget!

Beautiful views- including the Ocean Drive (top).
Beautiful views- including one from the Ocean Drive (top).

This little piece of heaven- Newport, Rhode Island touched us- it’s charm and beauty unlike any other on this coast- are unparalleled. Have two days to explore? This is the place you want to go! There’s something for every season- not just summer! Bon Voyage!





  1. Hi!
    I love your photos so much! I am interested in photography and have blogged about it often.. Are you a travel blogger? I considered being one for a while.
    Congratulations on being Danny Ray’s feature blogger! I was his feature blogger too! Perhaps you’ll check out my blog if you need a blogging tip or two; that’s what I write about.


  2. I love Newport. Though in traffic it ends up taking 6 hours! I ran a half marathon there and got to see a lot of the sights as well. But the cliff walk is also amazing. And the food!!! So many options.


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