Dyker Heights Again!

snapseed-3The Holiday season wouldn’t be complete without a visit to Dyker Heights in Brooklyn.

Christmas evening was warm and to me- the best time to go see the lights! It wasn’t as crowded as I expected it to be! Brilliant idea – *pats my own back*

Walking down the two avenues was like being in the middle of a fairy tale- almost as great as I’d imagine it would be at the top of the Faraway Tree!

From 20 feet tall nutcrackers to Santa beaming down upon you- you can see it all. Residents spend around 20,000 USD to have their homes decorated- then again its Dyker heights- the homes- rather the ‘mansions’ are appropriately decorated and the unspoken competition among the residents takes on another year!

-The Faraway Tree: From an Enid Blyton series of books- if you haven’t read her books you’ve missed out on the best part of childhood!



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