Virginia is for Lovers – IV (Richmond and Williamsburg)

The next morning dawned bright and early, with us having decided that we would check out of the hotel, and drive to Virginia Beach and stay the night there. We didn’t have any reservations- little did we know that every hotel would be full with not a room in sight! More on that later.

The Museum District
The Museum District

As we drove into the town of Richmond- the capital of the Commonwealth of Virginia, the place of the city in America’s history was apparent. From beautiful tree lined houses, to the museum district, to the State Capitol, everything spoke of the rich history of America. Downtown Richmond has now been urbanised, with many businesses having moved there- thus making it the current commercial business district that it is.

Gorgeous Homes
Gorgeous Homes

A quick tour round Richmond, and we started to make our way to Virginia Beach via Scenic Route 5 and pretty Williamsburg. The James River Plantations ( we only checked our Shirley and Berkeley), on the route from Richmond to Williamsburg were massive, and really jolted one into the past. The plantations along the James river have survived the Revolutionary war, the 1912 war and the war between the States. They are open to the public for visits- for a fee of course! Is anything ever free here?From cobbled mile long driveways, to huge mansions and farms and fields as far as the eye could see- they had it all.

As we neared Williamsburg, our car started giving us trouble- (luckily we rented a car and hadn’t driven our own)! Nevertheless we spent the better part of an hour on the phone with Enterpise trying to find another car. We finally gave up, and after a brief visit to Colonial Williamsburg and Historic Jamestown, drove to the spanking new airport at Norfolk, a few miles away from Virginia Beach and had the good folk at the airport exchange our car!

Virginia is for Lovers! Well said- Norfolk Airport!
Virginia is for Lovers! Well said- Norfolk Airport!

We were now set for the best part of our trip! Coming soon- on the blog!




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