Get ready to Sizzle in Mississauga, Canada!

As a young girl living in the suburbs of Bombay, I have fond memories of the long journey to Opera House with my family – the icing of the cake was Sizzlers at the ever famous Kobe Sizzlers! I recall my first experience- watching a sizzling cast iron tray come out of the kitchen, and placed on our table, loaded to the nines- with meat, veggies, and rice. What a treat it was!

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The ever famous Chicken Shashlik Sizzler- and my personal favourite! (23.99CAD)
Note: Kobe’s has a footprint of more than twenty five domestic and international locations.

With the first bite of my meal, I was transported to the late 80’s and early 90’s- to the streets of “town” in Bombay, the restaurant which opened in 1975, and stands strong to this very day. I moved to Dubai after graduating in the late 2000’s and Kobe’s opened a few years later- thus satiating my craving for this piece of home.

Soon after, I moved to North America- where I read every yelp review, every titbit of information I could, for news on Indian styled sizzlers. I tried various cuisines in search of the perfect sizzler, but nothing could match up to the ones I was used to. A couple of years later, my friends in Canada- Toronto to be specific, were abuzz with excitement! Kobe Sizzlers was finally opening in Mississauga! October came, and this was the first restaurant I set foot in, once I was in Canada to meet the family!

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The intimate and well decorated restaurant. (Check out the brown paper atop the tables, to prevent spills).
On entering, the proprietor Kennth Lobo (a banker by profession), was courteous and friendly. It was not too crowded, on a Saturday afternoon of the Thanksgiving weekend. Having discovered he lived just a few minutes away from us in Dubai, before he moved to Canada, we got talking, and he told us the story of how his business partners and he bought the franchise rights to “Kobe Sizzlers” in Canada. He says “We wanted everyone to know what Indian sizzlers are- they aren’t part of Indian cuisine per se but encompass so many different things. People of all nationalities come and really enjoy this meal”. They’ve maintained the essence of Kobe’s- being a family run restaurant. He further went on to say “My daughter is going to go to university, and for now she works here too. It’s great to have the kids know the basics of the business and learn”. Impressive I say!

He went on to tell us that if what we wanted wasn’t on the menu, he would be glad to have it prepared for us. His daughter who took our orders was knowledgable, and her young vivacious personality added to the glamour of the place.

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The Kobes Special Beef Steak (27.99CAD).
Finally, to end our meal, we really couldn’t resist the lure of their Sizzling Brownie, for old time’s sake.

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The brownie was decadent- they don’t make them in-house though.

a. Make space in your tummies before you head here. Portions are pretty huge and comprise of meat, veggies and rice with sauces of your choice.
 b. Try their iced tea
c. Be prepared: it’s a lot of steam and smoke when your sizzler comes out of the kitchen, your clothes may absorb the sweet smell of sizzlers- which may just get on your nerves once you’re overstuffed!



  1. Wow! I’m not totally sure that my palate, uninstructed as it is, is ready for Kobe Sizzlers… I can’t believe everything that is loaded onto one plate! Forgive me for asking this, but does it taste like more than just a mish-mash of ingredients? Obviously I will have to try it and find out myself. Are there any Sizzlers in Ohio, U.S.A., I wonder? Something to Google…

    Thanks for liking my post Nick & The Great Wall of China. Have you been there? I’d love to visit China someday, after seeing his photos. I also have friends in Delhi that I want to visit sometime. Where are you from in India? 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Timi! Thank you for stopping by! Well actually it does taste great and not a mishmash of ingredients though yes the flavor of the gravy will permeate through the rice! No this particular kind of sizzler isn’t available in the US as yet but Japanese restaurants have a sizzling plate which is pretty different from this one. My mum just traveled to China n loved it- I haven’t. I’m from Bombay ( now known as Mumbai), and now live in NY

      Liked by 1 person

      1. One of my favorite movies is Mira Nair’s Salaam Bombay, speaking of Mumbai. I also really like her Monsoon Wedding, set in Delhi. I’ve read a lot of fiction in English by Indian authors: there are so many terrific novels set in India.

        Do you prefer life in New York to living in Mumbai? I lived in Manhattan briefly in my late teens and early twenties: a long time ago now! It was wonderful, but not something I’d like to take on at this juncture in my life. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Well manhattan is so much like Bombay- everyone’s busy doing their own thing, until they decide to stop and watch the world go by. Bombay is just getting crowded by the minute and traveling is rather eventful! Oh have you read ‘shantaram’? It’s one book I fell in love with n re read a number of times! I haven’t seen to Ohio but I hear it’s lovely and peaceful 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      3. I will definitely check out Shantaram. I don’t think I’ve read it yet. And I love to get tips on books to read! Thanks. 🙂

        Ohio is quite lovely and peaceful. Please let me know if you come out this way so that I can have you over for some Midwestern hospitality, Timi-style. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Yea a friend from the Middle East visited us and then went on to visit family in Ohio and absolutely loved it! Think I’m tired of livin an apartment life!!! Oooo I love reading too- which is why I’ve been slacking on my writing!

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