Seychelles- Day 3

The Beach!!!

Before we reached Constance Ephelia, we drove through Beau Valon and then headed for Constance Ephelia. I wanted to stop to buy souvenirs but that never did happen.

Picked up water from a supermarket in Beau Valon!
As we left Beau Valon behind….


We drove through Victoria- the capital of Mahe, and then headed to Constance at the other side of the island.

Victoria Market
The Tea plantation- Finally! Alas, it was shut:(

Upon settling in, we set out to explore the property…

Situated in the vicinity of the Junior Suites, the South Beach was just a one minute walk away, and Mr. R decided to go snorkel.. Wondering what I did? I was extremely busy sending voice notes to a colleague, explaining the process of restructuring, for a client he was handling, during my absence How interesting… I know.

While he was snorkeling- Look hard- the dark spot is him!

We then went to the pool, and mum joined me… that made my day! Getting my mother to enter the pool is a task in itself! A quick lunch later, we headed to the North Beach where the senior suites were located.Pictures of lunch first:p My post is never complete without pics of food!!


Lunch…. I couldn’t stomach the burger… too much meat for my liking:(
our drinks!

If you have been following my blog, for even a short while… you will know exactly what my signature drink is…. If not…. Sigh!!! I feel bad now….:p

I hate the fact that golf carts were not plentiful… and we had to wait.. But I had fun with shoe flowers…. better known as the hibiscus!

Obsessed with snorkeling, he went snorkeling again on North Beach….all that ran through my mind was -Yucky….I cant take the sea grass floating all over’. But the views were glorious…

The Beach!!!

out of a movie….
breathtaking views.. I could lie here all day…

If you’ve been reading my previous posts, you already know, that all beaches are open to the public. This beach in particular was filled with local kids, who were having a ball. One even thought he could challenge me to race him in the sea… Me…. I ain’t so stupid.. I know my limits!

But all in all it was a relaxing day… At the end of it, we did not have the energy to go out to dinner, but ordered in- which was a great idea…………



My parents went off to bed by half past 10,while I struggled to stay awake. The night was still young….. and the most exciting bit for me… was yet to come!






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