November in Pics…

T’was a busy busy busy month. I do not know what I was doing but it was ‘oh so busy’…….

All my Mum could see me do in November was ‘Party’……but oh well that certainly was not true. I did do a few other things….. like shop, live at R’s mum’s place, slack off on the exercise……..and eat…

Yes!! Hail public humiliation to me :(:( sob  sob

But oh Well…… A few pics from November……..

Birthday cum Haloween party at a bar- usual hangout for the gang. was especially fun when the B'day Boy invited everyone at the bar to his wedding inIndia- last count as per the Gang was 4002 ppl!!!!

The Month started off with the above picture………. A Birthday cum Halloween party at out usual hangout- the bar….Was especially fun when when the B’day Boy invited everyone at the bar to his wedding in India- last count as per the Gang was 4002 ppl!!!!

Pug fun..........included
Pug fun……….included

A long day, of being invited to a Goan lunch at a friend’s, some pug fun and then hunting for wedding merchandise for our man!

Thanksgiving Dinner...
Thanksgiving Dinner…   Of course we had sides of chorizo (I know it doesnt exactly fit in..), and mashed potato with bacon to add to the meal…. Thanksgiving idea- ME!


Adidas Sale.....another to- do on the list and I did it!!
Adidas Sale…..another to- do on the list and I did it!! My bro and Mr. R will vouch for that!


Long skype conversations with the Hubby!
Long skype conversations with M. R
First Birthday Party.......
First Birthday Party……. So much planning and the day just flew past:(
A parrot in Dubai!
A parrot in Dubai!

Not to mention waking up to beautiful weather towards the end of the month… A parrot as seen from R’s mum’s balcony. You see scores of parrots flying past and sitting on a tree early am- every day! Beautiful is all I can say- that too – for Dubai!!!

Ever Famous
Ever Famous!

I watched loads of Modern family episodes.right from Season 1, and I have come to love it……… who do I love best?? Oh well…… take a guess……. you guys have been reading all my posts.. all I ask is to guess the person I totally identify with!!


Finally……..rounding off the month with a perfect girly luncheon at work!

All in all, it was a great month…. Wish I had more pics.. I have just stopped taking pictures, but now that realisation has struck……. I can put them up on the blog, I will click em!


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