The Farnsworth Invention


For those of you who haven’t heard and are wondering what I have been gong on about- well- it is a play written by Aaron Sorkin- of the Social Network fame.. Why then you wonder- why is she (me- the author of this blog) writing about it?? Well here is why….

As a kid, my mum also imbibed in me a love for theatre and musicals, and when this play was advertised in Dubai, UAE, I decided I must go- especially as my mum was visiting..

This play was showing 5 times over this weekend and Friday afternoon (the weekend in this part of the world) seemed perfect! So mum, me and 2 of my friends decided to make an afternoon of it! This play here was performed by an amateur theatre group called the Theatrics, who were going to support a few charities with the money from this show!

Business enterprises, community service organisations, and well wishers all came together to support this production… Google it- you’ll get the whole story… but to give you a hint- it has everything to do with the idiot box!

The first show had a few glitches, but after a little editing and getting past all of it- the second show (the one we went for) seemed smooth to the spectators. An all Indian cast- was refreshing- it sure is great to see talent and people from all walks of life come together for one production!


The play- a little less than 3 hours long- dragged in a few places, people got up and walked out- but from an unbiased viewpoint- it was good- you could see the efforts of the cast- none of who were actors by profession- and that alone is commendable. A little heavy for some maybe- for me it was informative and refreshing- a lesson to be learned- that come what may- whatever obstacles one may face- being happy and open is the key- it is the means to an end- all in all our loving idiot box was finally invented- who cares how and by whom! The cast deserves a standing ovation……..






I thought this was just going to be a one lined post with a few pictures- but as always you know how it goes:p Also, I apologize for the quality of pictures…. but as you know photography is prohibited, and I had to click them from the camera on my phone without a flash!

(I put up this pst yesterday- Friday  8th Feb 2013- but now have no idea how it disappeared and was in my drafts……….).




  1. Oh I love theatre and musicals! I’m constantly singing the classics at home. My parents weren’t involved with teaching me the classics though when I was young, I would have loved to have a mother that taught me. (Very smart woman) This play looks wonderful! Thanks for sharing


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