Procrastination- how I love it!

Been so long since my Seychelles trip- I’m glad I noted everything down so that I could update the blog later- and now- almost a year later- I sure am ashamed of myself………. Almost a year and I have yet to write about my trips……..

Seychelles is almost complete… just my last day remaining……… Jordan- oh well- I clearly have no idea what I wrote- coz somehow I was writing on my trip- and life then got so busy when I got home……. that I just didn’t write…….

India in December and [                     ] too- Maybe just maybe someday I will write up all of those blogs- I tried making pacts with myself….. but that didn’t work! I sometimes wonder- how many people actually read my blog? How much of my personal life is on up there?? I try not to put up much stuff on facebook- regarding the blog- but it does not always work– Sometime syou just want to! Maybe I should have my own facebook page- but then I get to thinking- what if I have no followers/fans/likes? That would be embarrassing:(

And so…. I must continue what I am doing- keep writing……. I dont need to write every day- but a few times a month- at least I will have a written journal of my travels- of stuff that means something to me- Maybe I can password protect some stuff- the rest- go on and get it read- at least I have you guys sharing my laughter, fears and tears…


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