Shop Shop Shop

Seriously I have no idea how I ended up spending so much today-

Got out of the house to take my parents to the supposedly famous ‘Miracle Garden’…. on reaching there it was so crowded that we realised there was no point making the effort to park and to go in only to have people show up in every picture…. nd so I turned back and headed to the Mall of the Emirates…

aargh I bought a suitcase, my shampoo (someone please tell me why I spend close to a 100 usd on shampoo and conditioner)……… and some cartons of sticks for Mr. R- where I had an interesting conversation with a guy- on students in India and addictive habits!

As I sit in front of my laptop paying my bills, I now realise I have to be very careful this month or I could go well beyond my means………… I want my hubby:(


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