Discoverin Petra- the Site- Part II

Look, homes in the mountains...
Look, homes in the mountains…

On turning right at the treasury (turning left is off limits), we came across these cave like structures built into the mountains hundreds of years ago.


4 wheel drive- anyone?
4 wheel drive- anyone?

The joys of seeing a car!!! My feet hurt so much, I wish I could rent one… Unfortunately you cannot!

And there were a few cafes and pop up shops catering to the tourists

rest me ol tired feet!
rest me ol tired feet!

Sands of time
Sands of time

The scorching heat made us want to turn back which we did. There was no way we were gonna trek to the highesh point in more than 50 degree celsius weather.. This view always blows my mind.

Can't fathom how they lived here!
Can’t fathom how they lived here!

On our trek back we silently cursed ourselves for not renting a horse but the very thought of a poor animal carrying my weight in the heat was something I really didn’t want to entertain.
As we walked out of the Siq, we saw the guards…

Hip Hip...
Hip Hip…

Seeing out hotel was a joyous occasion! Though we missed breakfast, the chef was nice enough to whip up some eggs for us, to help fortify us for our journey to Aqaba…

So glad we went early- as we were walking out – the heat was killing, and a large number of tourists were entering the site- I wonder how they did it- we couldn’t take the strong sun and the heat at all- even though we were used to it having come from Dubai..

On a separate note- thank you for bearing with me! I had this saved in my drafts for ages… Unbelievably lazy- I know!!! maybe now I shall be inspired to complete my Jordanian posts:)



  1. Love this! I have seen a few ruins as this and am still taken away in AWE. Thank you for sharing. Ok continue on writing awesome blogs my friend. I am looking farward. Xoxo


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