Racist UAE

It’s been so long… I’ve refrained from even opening up wordpress in the unlikely event that I will start writing and never stop…

I have yet to document my Jordan trip.. I want to write…

But so many things are happening.. I just disconnected my Facebook profile from wordpress, in the unlikely event that some recruiter may find my blog and get a peek into my personal life..
Yes you read right… I’m jobhunting like crazy and it gets worse every day… I have 2 months- 2 whole months – the holy month of Ramadan included… which means that the market will be dead… no one is going to want to recruit or even interview candidates… let alone lawyers..

Everyone in office is going nuts… why are there no jobs for lawyers… why is this country so racist… why do they want a western passport holder when someone here has much more experience and will be much better than a fresh graduate…
Makes me wonder… why isn’t there a law against racial discrimination in this country… high time it is promulgated..

And yeah between lawyering and job hunting I am going crazy…

-A very frustrated and pissed off blogger..


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