Long Day…

I am sooo tired. I’ve completely forgotten what it is like to be at work at 9 am….
I woke up at 6:45 today (which by my standards is super early – given that I have been going to office post 11 for the past month), Crazy traffic:( Leaving at 10 or 11 am is so much easier…

Had a meeting in the Jebel Ali Free Zone- made the mistake of taking my office driver- he pisses me off- as dumb as they come… Golly when I tell you to take a right- just take it- I know what I am talking..

Anyway I am not here to bitch- will soon get used to waking up early- and gong to bed by 10 pm. I cant even type coherently…

Oh and the highlight of the day was meeting my friend and going for ‘frankies’- an Indian delicacy from Bombay- I’m sure many of you from India have heard of ‘Tibbs Frankie’- Its  flat break with chicken filling- similar to Mexican food but with an Indianised tangy flavour… Wish I had a picture..

Oh well they opened up in Dubai almost a year back- and boy they r amazin…. slurrrrrp.. Alas I could only eat one- and then I was super full:(

It is almost half past 11- time to call it a night- This is way early fo rme- Im never asleep before 1! Waking up early does this to me:):)


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