Mommie’s Birthday!

Staying awake at night is something that I am used to.. It is very rare that I fall asleep before the midnight hour strikes… But sometimes- hot balmy weather, sun, sand and sea…..lull you to sleep well before you think you need/want to..

And that’s what happened on my 3rd day in Seychelles…  The activities of the day tired me out, as I struggled to stay awake, and I fell into bed with a book…….and dozed off by half past ten.

Luckily I woke up in a hour (I’d probably never have forgiven myself if I hadn’t), and called my brother on Skype…..(Thank Constance for great internet speed) it was 30 minutes to my mum’s birthday! 15 minutes later, they delivered a lovely cake to my room, and I had it all ready, along with cards, a gift and my bro on the ipad.


Yummmy Mummyyyy

As soon as the clock struck 11:58, I banged mom’s door, and suddenly regretted it, for fear of waking her up suddenly, and frightening her. But that was no to be, she opened the door and was not surprised to see us. But my brother being present too via apple,  the cake, and just having everyone around-  I’m ever grateful for that.Dad slept through it all, which was fun:p… and yes mum loved what we got her…

Happy Birthday Mum

Gosh all this happened in May and I’m typing it out now… shame on me!

(In fact I wrote this post out on the 3rd of September.. but didn’t upload it… so here it is today!)


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