Winter allergies

The hubby has gone back but luckily mum is with me for a while. Am down with a horrid cough- it’s been my companion ever since mid November and has only got worse. It got slightly better when I was in India- did go to a doc thr but surprisingly my family doctor who’s like magic didn’t work for me this time- then again I didn’t cough all that much there. But oh…. As I stood in line at immigration at dubai airport on New Year’s Eve…I felt it slowly creep back:(

It’s been with me the entire time he was here and has got worse…..Got me sick n in bed on my birthday- and hasn’t left me since! Four visits n three doctors later it is still keeping me company…. The last doctor who told me I can do nothing it’s a weather allergy. So all I can wait for is summer…

Meanwhile I am fed up… My tummy hurts from all the coughing…. But seriously….. Winter allergies in the Middle East????Aargh……


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